We provide a range of services that can meet all your personal and business financial requirements.

The huge variety and types of investment, pension and protection products in the market today make it very difficult for you to know which one is suitable for your particular circumstances. Classic Financial Services can be of great assistance in helping you choose which financial product is suitable for your needs.

Life Assurance

The provision of protection for family and other dependants is the first and primary role of life assurance. An essential part of any family finance plan must be the protection of one's dependants against the financial loss which inevitably results on death. Life assurance offers a way of easing the financial burdens caused by death. At Classic Financial Services we will advise you of an appropriate level of life cover to match your specific needs.

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Income Protection

Have you ever thought that your most important asset might be your earnings? Are you protecting this income, the one thing that pays for everything? Have you considered what would happen if you were out of work for an extended period of time due to accident, ill health or disability? An income protection policy is tax deductible and could be the most important insurance you ever have. At Classic Financial Services we are in a position to recommend a suitable income protection policy to protect you and your family.

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Business Insurance

The main two types of business insurance are Keyperson life assurance and Partnership insurance. Keyperson life assurance is life assurance cover effected by an employer on a key director or employee, to protect the employer from the financial consequences of that individual's death. Partnership insurance is a means of solving the financial problems that can arise following the death of one of the partners.
This is an area of life assurance where getting good professional, informed advices is essential and Classic Financial Services can advice you on all your business insurance needs.

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Investments & Savings

Having money on deposit may be a good route to achieving a short-term financial goal, such as having enough money for a holiday, a new car or for a rainy day. Your money is secure and you also have easy, often instant access to it. For longer-term financial goals, however, you may want to consider other options and whether it is your intention to save on a regular basis or you have a once off lump sum to invest, we at Classic Financial Services are in a position to match your financial needs with a tailor made investment product suitable to you.

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We work hard all our lives to build the lifestyle and comforts we enjoy. Why then should we see all this disappear at the very time we should be kicking back and enjoying life, at retirement. Many mistakenly think they can rely on the State Pension, but the State Pension is really only a safety net and represents less than a third of the average national wage. Pension investment is extremely tax efficient and with the correct type of pension planning you will be in a position to do those special things you've put off all your life such as more travel or entertainment. At Classic Financial Services we are different because we don't just sell you a pension product - we use our vast knowledge and experience of the pensions market to ensure you are in a position to make an informed decision regarding your specific retirement needs.

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Retirement Options

There is now a range of draw down options available on retirement under current pension legislation - lump sum options, Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs) as well as traditional pensions. Classic Financial Services will guide you through these options to ensure your pension funds are channelled into post retirement financial products that are suitable for your circumstances.

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We are in a position to provide you with solutions to all your mortgage requirements as we have access to a variety of mortgage options available from a range of lenders. We provide mortgage advice on lenders we have access to through our appointment with PIBA Network Services.
We will take you through the mortgage process from the initial application to when you receive your mortgage cheque. So whether you're a first time buyer or investor, or even if you are moving house or refinancing you current mortgage, Classic Financial Services is in a position to find the right mortgage for you.

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Please contact us on 01 862 3155 or info@classicfinancial.com if you wish to discuss any of the above or to arrange a financial services review. We will be happy to meet you at a time and venue convenient to you.

Schedule of fees & charges:
Classic Financial Services Ltd. is remunerated principally by commissions from product producers or lenders on the completion of business. Fees are only charged to a client in exceptional circumstances such as for complex cases or to reflect specialist skills or urgency and the client is notified in advance and agrees the scale of fees to be charged. Our scale of fees range from 100 per hour minimum to 170 per hour maximum.